Custom and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Products

Customer First Strategy

Micro-Trak has a successful and established history of partnering with other OEM companies on custom design and manufacturing projects. While some projects are as simple as branding an existing Micro-Trak product for the OEM, others involve creating entirely new solutions to resolve specific customer challenges. Micro-Trak's 30+ years of design and manufacturing experience is enhanced by current research into emerging technologies, including the recent addition of development tools for ISOBUS integration.

If you are considering using this strategy for your company, there are substantial benefits to utilizing Micro-Trak’s years of engineering experience and genuine commitment to quality.

  • No need to invest in expensive manufacturing facilities and equipment or hiring and training additional specialized labor. By letting us take care of those details, you can focus your resources on sales, advertising, and marketing.
  • Our firmly established relationships with our equipment and material suppliers saves you time and effort looking for “just the right part” to make your project idea work as imagined.
  • Micro-Trak’s considerable experience in the areas of precision agriculture, snow/ice, turf, and roadway maintenance instantly positions your company as an expert in those sectors. That translates to significant savings in time and money spent on R&D and engineering.
  • Our dedication to open communication throughout the manufacturing process gives you peace of mind and a clear analysis of your investment. 
  • As an AEF (Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation) General Member as well as a member of the ISOBUS community at large, we have access to additional resources and test facilities to supplement our electronic and ISOBUS development activities.