Highway/Off-Road Maintenance


Astro™ 5

The Astro GPS Speed Sensors are a direct replacement for magnetic wheel speed sensors or radar guns and can interface to most brands of monitors and controllers. Based on a 5 HZ GPS receiver for faster, dynamic response to speed changes.


Astro™ II

The Astro GPS Speed Sensors are a direct replacement for magnetic wheel speed sensors or radar guns and can interface to most brands of monitors and controllers. Based on accurate yet economical 1 HZ GPS receiver.


Calc-An-Acre® II

Accurate speed, distance and area measurement at an affordable price.


Electric Motor Driver

The Electric Motor Driver (EMD) enables all of our rate controllers, SprayMate II, MT-2405F II, Plus Series, and RoadMaster, to control the rate of flow by regulating the speed of a 12 volt pump.



The FlowMate is a simple to operate, highly accurate, liquid flow monitor. Achieve more precise mixes of chemicals while improving your inventory control.


Flowmeters - Magnetic

They feature an open fluid path with no moving parts to restrict flow, accommodating a wide variety of fluids and mixtures.


Flowmeters - Turbine

Our turbine flowmeters combine fast, accurate flow readings with rugged, dependable quality.


FlowTrak™ II

The FlowTrak II is a user-friendly monitor for farmers, custom applicators and groundskeepers needing a simple, low-cost way to achieve greater accuracy when applying liquid chemicals.


Hydraulic Valves

Pair one with a Micro-Trak Controller for PRECISION 12V control of hydraulic oil flow on hydraulic-driven planters, hydraulic-driven conveyor and spinner applicators and on pull-type and self-propelled sprayers with hydraulic-driven liquid pumps.


Manual Motor Controls

Ideal for controlling low-volume starter fertilizers on seed drills and planters.


MT-2405F™ II

The MT-2405F II offers flexible 5 Section Control - designed to integrate into systems with existing control switches.


RateKing™ Dual Plus

The RateKing™ Dual Plus Automatic Rate Controller simultaneously controls the application of TWO products from one controller! Easy to use, eliminates cab clutter with one unit!


RateKing™ Plus

The RateKing™ automatic rate controller offers a dual display that provides the target application rate in one display and several options for the second second display



The RoadMaster™ is a multi-purpose electronic control system with a wide range of applications.


Servo Valves

Different servo valves of varying sizes and types.


SprayMate™ II

SprayMate II is a 3-section automatic rate controller for liquid and anhydrous with built-in boom switches on the console.


SprayMate™ Plus

Compact in size, yet packed with all the powerful rate control and calculating features you've come to expect from Micro-Trak.


Trak-Record II

The Trak-Record II is a TV-remote size device to log date-and time-stamped data and system information from Micro-Trak® Systems, Inc. controllers using their standard RS-232 serial port.


Vansco® Speed Sensor

Accurate speed measurement for electronic monitors and controllers.