NH3 Liquifier Systems

NH3 Liquifier Systems


High-capacity NH3 Heat Exchanger

Leave corrosion and hours of seasonal maintenance behind with The Liquifier's stainless-steel construction – naturally rust-resistant, tough, N-Serve® compatible, and ready for all field conditions. Combine this rugged design with outstanding efficiency and industry-leading flow capacity and the choice becomes clear. No assembly required – right out of the box it is complete, leak-tested, and ready to bolt on to your toolbar. Versatile and adaptable, it easily connects to all major-brand controllers.

Bring Micro-Trak's tradition of precision engineering to your operation this year.

Liquifier™ Ultra Low-Rate

  • Liquifier™ Ultra Low-Rate2800 lbs. NH3/hr.
  • 11 GPM (@100 PSI)

Liquifier™ Junior

  • The Liquifier Junior™6000 lbs. NH3/hr.
  • 23 GPM (@100 PSI)


  • Liquifier™12000 lbs. NH3/hr.
  • 40 GPM (@100 PSI)

Liquifier™ Max

  • Liquifier MAX™ Kit21000 lbs. NH3/hr.
  • 70 GPM (@100 PSI)