Flowmeters – Turbine

Industry-Leading Innovation Meets Long-Lasting Reliability Our turbine flowmeters combine fast, accurate flow readings with rugged, dependable quality. Unique two-direction flow design — simply flip the flowmeter around to double its working life — flow measurements are very accurate from either direction. (Does not apply to FM2000 and FM3000). Connect [...]

Flowmeters – Turbine2023-01-27T14:10:27-06:00

SprayMate XRS™ Auto Rate Controller

SprayMate XRS™ The 2-section SprayMate XRS™ features the same precise rate control and optimized elements of the RateKing XRS™, in a portable, compact package. SprayMate XRS™ helps streamline end of the day routine - simply disconnect main wiring harness, and release the console from the quick-mount bracket. [...]

SprayMate XRS™ Auto Rate Controller2023-01-12T13:21:06-06:00

Dual ISOmod™

Dual ISOmod™ - Rate Controller for ISOBUS Flexible, powerful, automatic rate controller - featuring Single or Dual channel control and multi-section capabilities. It is ISOBUS ready, connecting easily to existing control systems and utilizing an in-cab ISO terminal for setup and control. Advanced rate control combined with flexible channel configuration [...]

Dual ISOmod™2020-09-14T16:28:17-05:00

RateKing XRS™ Auto Rate Controller

Optimized for Orchards & Vineyards For Maximum Spraying Performance Precision vs. Guesswork? Why gamble on the profitability and future of your operation? The stakes are simply too high to rely on guesswork when applying valuable products. The RateKing™ XRS™ is designed to automatically compensate for the unseen variables that [...]

RateKing XRS™ Auto Rate Controller2022-09-21T14:25:33-05:00

SodPro™ II

Sod Cutting Controller The SodPro™ II is designed specifically for sod harvesting operations. New features include options for control of an alarm and/or cutting mechanism, with adjustable cut length and dwell time for cut. The system measures and monitors: Length of rolls Number of pieces Number of loads Total area [...]

SodPro™ II2019-09-13T09:38:41-05:00


The RoadMaster™ is a multi-purpose electronic control system with a wide range of applications. Highway maintenance uses include regulating the flow of: liquid de-icer and anti-icers, roadside spray products, and dust-control agents. Also ideal for turf maintenance applications of herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, and fertilizers. Raise your profitability by maintaining exact application rates of [...]


SafeGuard™ Blockage Monitor

Blockage Monitor SafeGuard™ electronically detects blockages and alerts you with an Audible Alarm and a Visual Display of the blocked row's number. Reduce over and under-application, save money, and apply liquid fertilizer with confidence without having to watch flow monitors or outlets. One [...]

SafeGuard™ Blockage Monitor2020-08-31T10:30:58-05:00


Automatic Seed Rate Controller Turn your planter into a precision machine... The ProPlant features: Three pre-set seed rates (user programmable) On-the-Go seed rate adjustment Standard bracket fits most planters Simple to set up; easy to use! VRA seeding capability Less than 3 gallons of hydraulic flow required per planter section [...]



Grain Drill Seed Rate Controller Accuracy like you've never experienced before... Maximize yields by consistently achieving target seed rate with smooth, stable hydraulic drive Eliminates erratic ground-wheel drive No more adjusting chains and sprockets to change seed rate Designed to control rate on the go -- able to regulate up [...]


Hydraulic Drives/Motors

Compact and efficient, Micro-Trak's 4.9 CID Hydraulic motor is the perfect choice when you need maximum power and control in a small space. Capable of 694 RPM (max) at continuous flow of 15 GPM.

Hydraulic Drives/Motors2018-12-17T11:19:31-06:00
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