Electric Motor Driver

  • EMD Electric Motor Driver available in 10 amp or 40 amp
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12-Volt Pump Flow Control

The Electric Motor Driver (EMD) enables all of our rate controllers, SprayMate II, MT-2405F IISprayMate™ Plus, RateKing™ PlusRateKing™ Dual Plus and RoadMaster, to control the rate of flow by regulating the speed of a 12 volt pump. It can also be integrated into most major-brand control systems.

Precise, accurate and effective control of application rate is accomplished with the EMD. It is ideal for controlling low-rate starter fertilizer on seed drills and planters.

The EMD replaces the electric servo valve and will control most 12v pumps with up to a max of 40 amps.

The system can be purchased as a part of a customized kit complete with control console, speed sensor and flowmeter, or if you presently own one of the controllers listed above, you can just add the EMD Kit and use your existing console and components.

Installation is easy; install on your planter sprayer set up or custom ATV.

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