• Micro-Trak GSC-1000 Granular Rate Controller
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Automatic Rate Controller for Granular Spreader Systems

The GSC-1000 from Micro-Trak is a low-cost high performance easy-to-use dry rate controller that not only controls product rate, but also has an optional RPM input. Once the spreader constant has been determined by a simple calibration procedure, product density or gate setting can be changed by simply entering calibration and changing the density or gate height; no need to re-calibrate the spreader constant.

Alternately the GSC-1000 can be easily and quickly configured to do non-ground speed based spinner RPM control.

GSC-1000 Operational Features:

  • 3 independent Area and Volume counter pairs that can be used to record your daily, weekly & seasonal totals.
  • No Flow and No Speed messages to quickly alert operator of fault.
  • Displays Bin Level so operator always knows how much product is remaining (also has settable low bin alarm).
  • Monitors spinner RPM for accurate spread pattern. Displays Weight per Minute of product being applied.
  • Displays distance in feet for quick verification of Speed input accuracy.
  • Displays Rate of product applied down to one hundredth of a pound for ultra low rate accuracy.
  • Automatically stops apron if No Flow is detected and alerts operator to prevent over applying product.
  • Can be configured to control either the apron rate or spinner RPM.

GSC-1000 Calibration Features:

  • Spreader Constant, once this has been determined, it never needs changing unless drive gear ratio is changed.
  • Gate Setting, when the gate height is changed simply adjust this setting to match, can be adjusted in one tenth of an inch increments.
  • Density, when the density of the product changes simply adjust this setting, can be adjusted in one tenth of a pound per cubic foot.
  • Product rate regulating valve can be used as shut off valve if the Auto Off feature is activated.
  • Bin level set point can be adjusted to alert operator when bin level is low.
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