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  • Liquifier™ NH3 Heat Exchanger
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High-capacity NH3 Heat Exchanger

Leave corrosion and hours of seasonal maintenance behind with The Liquifier’s stainless-steel construction – naturally rust-resistant, tough, N-Serve® compatible, and ready for all field conditions. Combine this rugged design with outstanding efficiency and industry-leading flow capacity and the choice becomes clear. No assembly required – right out of the box it is complete, leak-tested, and ready to bolt on to your toolbar. Versatile and adaptable, it easily connects to all major-brand controllers.

Bring Micro-Trak’s tradition of precision engineering to your operation this year.

Liquifier™ Ultra Low-Rate

  • 2800 lbs. NH3/hr.
  • 11 GPM (@100 PSI)
Liquifier™ Ultra Low-Rate NH3 Heat Exchanger

Liquifier™ Junior

  • 6000 lbs. NH3/hr.
  • 23 GPM (@100 PSI)
Liquifier™ Junior NH3 Heat Exchanger


  • 12000 lbs. NH3/hr.
  • 40 GPM (@100 PSI)
Liquifier™ NH3 Heat Exchanger

Liquifier™ Max

  • 21000 lbs. NH3/hr.
  • 70 GPM (@100 PSI)
Liquifier™ Max NH3 Heat Exchanger


NH3 Kits

Maximum Yield… Maximum Profit!

Changing tank pressure and field conditions frequently result in a 10% or greater misapplication. Your yield suffers when too little is applied, and your money is wasted when too much is applied. With Micro-Trak’s NH3 Kits, YOU CAN control the precise amount of NH3 that runs through your system.

What Are You Spending for Anhydrous Application?

NH3 Liquifier Systems

Micro-Trak’s NH3 Kits condense anhydrous ammonia vapor into liquid prior to metering for PRECISE measurement. Used with any Micro-Trak automatic rate control (except the FTW Series); they allow fully automatic application and ensureconsistent rates regardless of changing speeds, ambient air temperatures or tank pressures.

Product entering the Kit from the nurse tank is a mixture of liquid and vapor. The heat exchanger condenses the vapor into liquid form which ensures consistent, accurate measurement, making your operation as efficient as it can be!

These kits require NO manual adjustment. Application settings and the system’s on/off status are all controlled from our system control console, in the safety of your cab. Calibration takes only minutes and operation is EASY! On-the-go rate adjustment is fully automatic and made right from your cab.

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