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Automatic Rate Controller for Granular Spreader Systems The GSC-1000 from Micro-Trak is a low-cost high performance easy-to-use dry rate controller that not only controls product rate, but also has an optional RPM input. Once the spreader constant has been determined by a simple calibration procedure, product density or gate setting can be [...]


NH3 Liquifier Systems

High-capacity NH3 Heat Exchanger Leave corrosion and hours of seasonal maintenance behind with The Liquifier's stainless-steel construction – naturally rust-resistant, tough, N-Serve® compatible, and ready for all field conditions. Combine this rugged design with outstanding efficiency and industry-leading flow capacity and the choice becomes clear. No assembly required – [...]

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Improved Anhydrous Rate Control The MT-NH3 II is an automatic rate controller designed specifically to control anhydrous ammonia. It provides a complete picture of critical application functions and an accurate record of work performed. Features Built-in capability for future VRA Records area and volume in 3 independent pairs of counters [...]

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DirectConnect™ Kits

Micro-Trak's Liquid and NH3 Kits are now COMPLETELY compatible with all major controllers in the industry. Easily connect your Micro-Trak system to: TOPCON John Deere Trimble Raven Ag Leader

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Manual Motor Controls

12-Volt Variable Speed Control Put maximum control at your fingertips with our 10 & 25 Amp Manual Controllers They work by adjusting the speed of any 12v pump and are accurate over a wide range of RPMs. Ideal for controlling low-volume starter fertilizers on seed drills and planters. Features: Built-in [...]

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Electric Motor Driver

12-Volt Pump Flow Control The Electric Motor Driver (EMD) enables all of our rate controllers, SprayMate II, MT-2405F II, SprayMate™ Plus, RateKing™ Plus, RateKing™ Dual Plus and RoadMaster, to control the rate of flow by regulating the speed of a 12 volt pump. It can also be integrated into most major-brand control [...]

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Hydraulic Valves

Micro-Trak's Flow Control Valves have years of field-proven performance and reliability. Pair one with a Micro-Trak Controller for PRECISION 12V control of hydraulic oil flow on hydraulic-driven planters, hydraulic-driven conveyor and spinner applicators and on pull-type and self-propelled sprayers with hydraulic-driven liquid pumps. Internally protected, economical, safe, flexible, efficient and [...]

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Servo Valves

1" Threaded 12VDC Servos Model Material Size O-Ring Pressure PN: 19093 Liquids 1" FPT Viton® 150 PSI Max. (10 bar) PN: 19094 Liquids 1" FPT Viton® 300 PSI Max. (21 bar) PN: 19095 Aqueous Ammonia 1" FPT EPDM 150 PSI Max. (10 bar) [...]

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Flowmeters – Magnetic

Our magnetic flowmeters represent the current state-of-the-art in accuracy for liquid flow measurement. They feature an open fluid path with no moving parts to restrict flow, accommodating a wide variety of fluids and mixtures. 8 models to choose from - ranging from .3 to 238 gpm. Advantages: No internal [...]

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Flowmeters – Turbine

Industry-Leading Innovation Meets Long-Lasting Reliability Our turbine flowmeters combine fast, accurate flow readings with rugged, dependable quality. Unique two-direction flow design — simply flip the flowmeter around to double its working life — flow measurements are very accurate from either direction. (Does not apply to FM2000 and FM3000). Connect [...]

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