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Automatic Seed Rate Controller

Turn your planter into a precision machine…

The ProPlant features:

  • Three pre-set seed rates (user programmable)
  • On-the-Go seed rate adjustment
  • Standard bracket fits most planters
  • Simple to set up; easy to use!
  • VRA seeding capability
  • Less than 3 gallons of hydraulic flow required per planter section
  • Auto Section Control
  • As Applied Maps
  • Wireless Remote Control makes calibration a one-person task
  • Eliminates the inaccuracies of a drive wheel

If performance, reliability and versatility are what you are looking for, look no further. Micro-Trak controllers simply outperform the competition. And they do it with the easiest set up, easiest to operate and most cost-effective systems available. Improving productivity and your bottom line has never been this easy!


System Diagram

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ProPlant™ System Overview 1.0 MB

Manuals & Literature

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ProPlant™ Manual 11.8 MB
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