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….Monitors what your eyes can’t see.

Monitor up to 6 independent shafts simultaneously, or monitor up to 3 shafts and up to 3 bin levels.

  • The simplest of all monitors – simply install sensors and turn on power – no settings or calibration are required
  • Immediate notification when shaft RPM drops below 45 or level in the bin drops below the bin level sensor (rotational speeds slower than 45 RPM can easily be handled by adding additional magnets to the shaft)
  • Standard with Hall-effect (non-mechanical) magnetic shaft speed sensor
  • Audible alarm feature is standard with every unit
  • Eliminate unseeded areas
  • Save money and time by seeding once
  • Avoid embarrassing and costly skips

System Diagram

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Shaft-Trak™ System Overview 0.4 MB

Manuals & Literature

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Shaft-Trak™ Low RPM Manual 0.7 MB
Shaft-Trak™ Manual 0.7 MB
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Shaft-Trak™ Literature 88 KB
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