• Shaft-Trak Shaft & Bin Monitor monitors and indicates the status of up to 6 shafts or bin level sensors.
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Monitors what your eyes can’t see.

Monitor up to 6 independent shafts simultaneously, or monitor up to 3 shafts and up to 3 bin levels.

  • The simplest of all monitors – simply install sensors and turn on power – no settings or calibration are required
  • Immediate notification if shaft RPM is too slow, or bin level is too low
  • Standard with Hall-effect (non-mechanical) magnetic shaft speed sensor
  • Audible alarm feature is standard with every unit
  • Eliminate unseeded areas
  • Save money and time by seeding once
  • Avoid embarrassing and costly skips


Actual User Testimonial:

I switched to your Shaft-Trak™ system on my drill this fall. I wanted a warning immediately if an issue arose. Absolutely loved it. Drilled 2300 acres with no issues at all. Very pleased with your system!!! Thanks.

Rex H. – Stafford, Kansas

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