New Product: SafeGuard ISOmod

The SafeGuard ISOmod uses an existing virtual terminal in the cab to control settings and display liquid blockage information. The SafeGuard ISOmod interface broadens command of the system by utilizing on-screen messages and simple icon buttons on the virtual terminal to access monitoring functions. View real-time status of individual and total sensors arranged into dual networks and independent left and right sensor banks.

SafeGuard ISOmod brings state-of-the-art blockage monitoring to your virtual terminal system.

Safeguard™ – Simple, Powerful, Trusted Protection.

SafeGuard ISOmod
February 2nd, 2017|Product News|

New Product: Plus Series Controllers

Advanced Liquid Rate Control 

SprayMate PlusRateKing PlusRateKing Dual Plus

Flexible, powerful, automatic liquid rate control solutions for agriculture, grounds, and highway maintenance. Customizable monitoring options and advanced features let you manage your liquid applications with absolute piece-of-mind.

  • Flow or Pressure Based Control
  • Expanded PWM control capabilities
  • Unique Multifunction output to control on/off valve for Master, Relief, Flow Trigger, or Flush functions
  • RateKing Dual Plus – dual channel design allows application of two products from one controller.
SprayMate Plus
RateKing Plus
RateKing Dual Plus
October 29th, 2015|Product News|