Territory Sales Representatives

Territory Managers and Applications Engineers work closely with Micro-Trak dealers, distributors and OEMs across the country to make sure they have the proper tools and support needed to assist their customers with Micro-Trak’s extensive product line. They also serve as a valuable resource in helping to identify industry needs and opportunities for our product development team to pursue.

For new dealers, distributors, and OEM inquiries, please contact one of our representatives.

To contact a member of our sales team, please refer to the map below along with the contact information.

sales territories
Map Key: Rob Hoehn
Rob Hoehn

Sales Manager
Call: 800.328.9613

Map Key: Jeff Glick
Jeff Glick

Territory Manager
(Westflow Company)
Call: 916.303.6430

Map Key: Rex McClellan
Rex McClellan

Territory Manager
Call: 260.341.8856

Map Key: Jeff Germscheid
Jeff Germscheid

Applications Engineer
(OEM & Product Dev.)
Call: 507.317.1773

Map Key: Jeff Germscheid
Cody Gradert

Applications Engineer
(OEM & Product Dev.)
Call: 507.613.0264

Map Key: Troy Thompson
Troy Thompson

Territory Manager
Call: 507.327.2135